From Rottweiler to Rockey

Dr Keith Christopher  Rowley,is the seventh prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago,the fourth to emerge out of the rank and file of the people’s national movement,and the second to come out of Tobago he  to me is the  face of the song “you cant keep a good man down”. he is both feared and revered. feared for the fact that he plays his cards close to his chest,this is both good as well as bad ,as you never know what he is thinking and this might cause your perception of him to change in a blink of an eye.

Revered because of his humble beginnings ,he has come through the rank and file ,as a young  child who witnessed the lowering of the union jack and the raising of our nations colors. i am sure he felt a sense of duty  and pride and he  vowed to do his duty to uphold every law of this young nation and to do well in  society.

Say what you want about him that he sounds brass or crude ,or sometimes even rude.he is a man for the ages.and might even go on to be the best politician this country has seen in a long time.

He has demonstrated that he can be normal around all types of people from celebrating the country’s festivals like a true trini does ,or by choosing to celebrate his victory by playing dominoes with the youth of his constituency.

Is this demeanor one that is being used to score political points or is this the true essence of the man, only time will tell.he has to maneuver the great white elephant in the room which  is the budget 2015 and the promises of the manifesto.the electorate expects the government to keep its word and to to get down o the business at hand.we do not want to hear or have any personal dirty laundry out in the public domain neither any backbiting or name calling in the parliament or in the media.

He has stated that we must stop the gimme ,gimme mentality that is prevalent in this country. It is also my hope that the wanton misuse and abuse of state funds and resources stop as well.along with these other things that i as a member of the electorate  want to see as well.

  • an end to misuse of public funds by contractors who blatantly provide shoddy work and still receive payment for such.
  • he ancient prison system  and lack of manpower that exists  to deal with and reform persons in the prison system.
  • the crime situation which there seems to be no control  of as everyday we wake up to more killings
  • the agricultural sec which is in need of a lift as we need to make my use of the by local eat smart campaign.
  • the minimum wage ,instead of an across the board increase we should consider incentives, both in the public as well as private sector
  • the education sector , a country’s workforce is vital ,without an educated workforce where would we be,i am sure the late great  Dr Eric Williams will be turning in his grave to see the state of our education system

We must take pride in who we are as a nation and as citizens .

To me Dr Rowley has a good head on his shoulders and he and his government might surprise us for the next five years.

Pseudonyms, Sources, and Jon Krakauer’s ‘Missoula’


Only one of the rape victims in Krakauer’s book, “Cecilia Washburn,” is identified with a pseudonym. “And I didn’t interview her,” Krakauer said. (Krakauer says he discussed the possibility of an interview with Washburn’s attorney multiple times, but she replied each time that her client likely would not consent to an interview.) The rest of the victims identified in Missoula spoke with him and consented to having their names used. Krakauer offered each victim he interviewed an opportunity before publication to review each chapter in which she appeared. If a victim changed her mind about participating, then Krakauer promised to remove all mentions of her from the book—a way of giving victims the control over their stories that judicial systems sometimes deny.

Krakauer also described for each victim he interviewed some of his own reporting practices and boundaries. “I told each of them, very explicitly, that except for withdrawal or…

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Life Of A Slave

Locked up in your deep dark prison,putrid smells of death and decay.Lined up like merchandise,at a market place ,a bill of sale ,”But ,I am innocent”. forced to be treated less than a human.forced to take up a new name, a new identity. spit upon,beaten,the force of the lash making inroads in our backs.  The blood of our hands mixed with the sweat of our face.

We toil to build Massa’s place .sun up to sun down,we toil,we sweat.The worms of our hunger gnawing at our inner flesh. Our still suckling babes ripped from us the add to Massa’s workforce.  Or women are treated as breading houses  from which Massa feels his has the right to use ,take ,manipulate . to make me feel less of a human.To him i am just property ,a purchase. To  be treated as cattle, a bill of sale.

To be beaten and told what to do ,what to think ,what to believe,what to dream,what to hope for.

That is a life of a slave.